burning man resumé

Not included in this list are the many burner style events, fundraisers, & almost all of the local event organization & community meetings that I have attended over the years. Also attended many/most Seacompression & Critical Massive Seattle Regional events, and Victoria's Regional, Otherworld.

To the right is the tattoo I have on my left forearm, featuring a Burning Man logo.


  • Early 2000: Ediebabe dangles the carrot by saying those two magical words, ‘Burning’ and ‘Man’. Simply hands me Barbara Traubs’ Burning Man book and won’t tell me much more. I devour all the information I can gather on the event & am hooked
  • Aug 2000: 1st Burning Man: camp with SF friends @ EunuchMonkeys. Voted most prepared newbie. This is what I look like at the time
  • Dec 2000: Vancouver’s First Santacon begins at the restaurant I own: Mackenzie’s Cabin

  • Aug 2001: 2nd Burning Man: camp with Love Projectors, psy-trance family from SF

  • Feb 15, 2002: Produced Vancouver’s 1st BM Film Festival, featuring Canadian premiere of Payne’s ‘Burn Baby Burn’ along with David Vaisbord’s ‘Juicy danger meets Burning Man’. Contacted & invited D. Vaisbord, Tiny Taylor, Tom Comet to attend. Sold out shows 3 nights!
  • Sometime in 2002: Seeing a lack of online presence for the BMV community, I created http://escape.to/burningman, which included an events calendar, archives & BM info pages, such as Survival Guide, Rideshare Board, etc
  • March 23 2002: Recompression - pre-event & onsite communications, website & online marketing, theme cabin placement coordinator, party space décor, fire show participant.
  • July 19, 2002: 1st ‘Burn in the Forest’ event co-organizer: created website & promoted online
  • Aug 10, 2002: Co-hosted Ediebabe’s “Infamous pre-BM Hot Tub Party”
  • Aug 9, 2002: 2nd BM Movie Festival – pre–event ramp up
  • Aug 2002: 3rd Burning Man: Chillage camp: main organizer for 100 people Pacific NorthWest Burners Theme Camp + community kitchen organizer. Volunteered at Center Camp Café & as a Temple Guardian. Co-designed first Temple Guardian Bandana
  • Nov 23, 2002: Assisted with Burner Bash at Club 23
  • December 2002: SantaCon co-organizer

  • Feb 15, 2003: Attended BM Greeters Training/Potluck with Sweetthang from SF
  • Feb 22, 2003: Co-organizer: Playa Passion Party & Silk Village After party
  • April 2003: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • Aug 2003: 4th Burning Man: camp ‘Beyond Borders’, main organizer, non-registered theme camp, 20 people. Temple Guardian
  • Oct 1, 2003: Joined Tribe.net social networking online community tribe.net/squishelle
  • Dec 12, 2003: Co-organizer:  Holiday Burner Potluck & Recycled Gift Exchange
  • December 2003: SantaCon co-organizer

  • April 2004: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • May 7, 2004: http://burningvan.org  created, collaboration with BMV web team of Nato, Glitterboy & Jody (rep). Migrated data from escape.to/bm site.
  • Aug 2004: Forced to miss two Burns due to circumstances beyond my control, attend Shambhala Music Festival instead.
  • December 2004: SantaCon co-organizer.

  • April 2005: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • Aug 2005: Forced to miss two Burns due to circumstances beyond my control, attend Shambhala Music Festival instead
  • December 2004: SantaCon co-organizer

  • April 2006: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • Aug 5, 2006: Co-organized Summer Santacon / Santa goes to the Fireworks Celebration
  • Aug 2006: 5th Burning Man: Camp You Are Here, approx 50 people, unmapped. Temple Guardian
  • December 2006: SantaCon co-organizer

  • April 2007: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • Nov 21, 2007: Attended Town Hall - Society Formation meeting
  • July 27, 2007: Attended Boundaries and Consent Workshop by Robert Allen from Seattle
  • Aug 2007: 6th Burning Man: joined Alqmy Camp, registered theme camp, 25 people. Temple Guardian

  • Feb 12, 2008: Created Database in BMV Events Org YahooGroups page: "BMV timeline" in preparation for BM Regional Leadership Summit.
  • Feb 15-17, 2008: Attended & loved my first Regional Leadership Summit!
  • Feb 29, 2008: Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society - First AGM, elected as Board Member of the GVIAS
  • April 2008: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • Sun May 4, 2008: Promoted & participated in our 2nd Annual Cinco de Playa Beach Cleanup at Wreck Beach
  • May 10, 2008: Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man 10 year Anniversary DVD release party! Acted as consultant to David Vaisbord & promotions coordinator to BMV communities. Interviewed & quoted in newspaper articles: The Courier (including my picture!), and The Vancouver Sun. Also played city guide to visiting BMOrg folks: Bex W., Marian G. and Larry H.
  • August 2008: 7th Burning Man, Temple Guardian, organizer of my camp

  • February 2009:  Attended 2nd Regional Leadership Summit
  • April 2009: Recompression, pod Lead /Organizer
  • August 2009: 8th Burning Man, Temple Guardian, organizer of my camp
  • Friday, November 13 2009: Organized Friday the 13th Steam Time
  • Thursday, December 3, 2009: Organized Burners on Ice!
  • Sunday December 20th, 2009: Organized Santas on Ice!


  • April 2011: Attended 4th Regional Leadership Summit
  • Saturday, March 19, 2011: co-producer of Playa Time Fundraiser: Tea Time - BYOTeacup
  • Sunday, June 5, 2011: assisted with 5th Annual ‘Cinco De Playa’ cleanup...
  • Friday, June 10, 2011: co-produced Game Time : BMV CORE Fundraiser
  • Thursday, June 23, 2011: hosted BMV Community Munch & Mingle in honour of Meghan Rutigliano's visit to Vancouver
  • Monday July 4th, 2011: co-organized Mini Workshop for community leaders: Event Planning with Steven Raspa
  • Thursday, July 14, 2011: assisted with Burner Skool and BBQ
  • July 2011: attended Critical Massive,  Seattle Regional event, part of an interactive theme camp
  • August 2011:  10th Burning Man. Regional Network Centre build, CORE Information Wall, Media Mecca, Temple Guardian, organizer of my camp
  • Saturday, October 1, 2011: assisted with Dust Off - Vancouver's Regional Decompression, Produced by Jimmy Deane
  • October 15, 2011: attended Seacompression, Seattle Decompression event